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TubeSnooper Stats

23,106 expired domains discovered by users.
18,373 Wikipedia expired domains available right now.
889,941 expired domains with YouTube traffic available right now.
81,879 expired citation domains available right now.
138,603 expired local SEO domains available right now.

Every single day tons of domains expire that are linked to from high visibility YouTube videos and Pinterest pins. With TubeSnooper YOU can find them in your niche(s), register them and benefit from the traffic links that someone else built for you!

Mine YouTube

TubeSnooper “snoops” through YouTube via the keyword(s) you provide, finding the top ranking videos, searching their descriptions for links, then harvesting all of the expired domains from that huge list that are available for registration!

A URL that is linked to from one popular video is often linked to from OTHER popular videos as well, MULTIPLYING the value.

Mine Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the BIGGEST traffic sources online and we know from experience that most of the traffic comes from the top couple percent of pins.

So find an expired domain that is linked to from one of those popular pins and you’ve tapped into MEGA INSTANT traffic! TubeSnooper helps you do just that!


Mine Wikipedia

If a site has ever been linked to from Wikipedia, chances are, it’s an authoritative site. If you can get your hands on domains that at some point were linked to from Wikipedia, and you’ve got some valuable sites.

With TubeSnooper, we find them on a regular basis FOR YOU, and allow you to search and register then

The Simple 3-Step Process
It’s THAT Easy!

Instant Traffic & Sales!

With TubeSnooper, while we obviously can’t guarantee any specific results for any specific domains you find, instant traffic and sales are real possibilities! When you find domains that are linked to from popular YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, and Wikipedia pages, you literally have instant traffic which produces the possibility of EASY sales!

Make Adsense Revenue Easier

Once you’ve found and registered your domain(s) you can build a simple Adsense site in the niche and earn EASY Adsense revenue! Getting traffic and backlinks are the hardest part to making Adsense revenue. With TubeSnooper those things are taken care of.

Make Easy Affiliate Commissions

Whether you build an affiliate review site on your domain(s) (or some other type of affiliate site) or you simply redirect the domain(s) you find with TubeSnooper to your own targetted affiliate links, TubeSnooper makes big affiliate commissions a real possibility!

Build a POWERFUL Link Network

TubeSnooper can find domains with VERY high TrustFlow and overall SEO power. That creates an EXCELLENT opportunity to build your very own, very powerful private link network that you can use to link to your money sites for top Google rankings!

Only $197/y!

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